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Tom Cruise is 5’7″ and Peter Dinklage is 4’4″. I would gladly fuck both of them. However, guys of their sizes are not what society usually deems attractive, so it is seen as a big deal that they are so successful and famous. It seems that anything under 5’9″ is viewed as being unappealing on a man and they are somehow less masculine. In fact, I have even read things about Tom Cruise wearing shoes that lift him by a couple inches and casting departments working extra hard to make sure other actors in scenes with him are also on the shorter side.

Gay porn is far less picky than Hollywood and the dating world though. For the adult industry, it is more about the size of the cock. Topher Di Maggio is only 5’9″, but his cock is a glorious 8.5″. He is in more than 50 of the scenes on and no one is complaining that he isn’t tall enough. The guy is a sex god.

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