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This is a great site that has sexy studs and hot jocks getting together for some hardcore fun. There are some nice smooth tender twinks on the site but there are far more of the other type. Which is just fine by me. There are more than 700 hot guys that have worked at so I’m certain you’ll find some hot guys that are exactly your type as well. This is a great time to get a subscription while you can save 73% with a discount.

You’re going to have access to all of the HD videos that are on the site. You’ll also be able to browse all of the high-res photo albums that are packed with still images. They put out updates every day as they strive to make sure you always have the most up-to-date material. You can stream everything on the site and you can view the photo albums as a slideshow. You’re getting exclusive quality which is another great reason to grab a subscription. You are also going to get a handful of bonus sites with your membership too. 

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I find myself in absolute awe of this site. If you haven’t visited yet you need to and you can get a discount for 73% off. The guys that are featured on this site are all different types. There’s something for everyone. I like the athletic jocks and there were scores of them, I also saw bears and twinks. More than 700 gay men are waiting to show you a good time. They surely showed me one!

Your subscription is like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, it’s going to give you access to thousands of exclusive videos and even more DVD bonus scenes. Everything you see can be streamed without any limits. Additionally, there are photo galleries that are packed with mostly high-resolution images, some of the ones from the older videos aren’t high resolution. You can easily view the images as slideshows. Once you join you will also automatically be given access to bonus sites and all the content that each of those has. Every day they release updates that have new scenes with them. In closing, this is one of the best gay sites available right now.

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Tom Cruise is 5’7″ and Peter Dinklage is 4’4″. I would gladly fuck both of them. However, guys of their sizes are not what society usually deems attractive, so it is seen as a big deal that they are so successful and famous. It seems that anything under 5’9″ is viewed as being unappealing on a man and they are somehow less masculine. In fact, I have even read things about Tom Cruise wearing shoes that lift him by a couple inches and casting departments working extra hard to make sure other actors in scenes with him are also on the shorter side.

Gay porn is far less picky than Hollywood and the dating world though. For the adult industry, it is more about the size of the cock. Topher Di Maggio is only 5’9″, but his cock is a glorious 8.5″. He is in more than 50 of the scenes on and no one is complaining that he isn’t tall enough. The guy is a sex god.

Grab this discount for 73% off and watch him get deep in the asses of other hot guys.

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