Posted By Admin on 07/02/18

This is for the gay guys who love a little extra spice in their lives, you know, that touch that transcends the excitement into a bracket beyond vanilla.

It’s not something that appeals to me every day and honestly perhaps not even all that often so i would certainly not rate myself as a fetishist but there are times when the mood hits me, when I’m feeling naughty, that I like to dabble with a bit of kink. I find that, at least for me, it keeps me from succumbing to the mundane.

These guys however take it a step further than where I have dared to venture but I find myself recently more and more intrigued by it and as I decided to explore a little more by means of visual entertainment I stumbled across this great site and this cool opportunity.

To fill you in:

You can use this discount to KinkMen to save 51%, which is what I did. It’s more than half off the regular price for a 30-day pass. I see there’s a yearly subscription option as well.

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