Posted By Admin on 12/19/18

You know the saying of not to judge a book by it’s cover? Well, I think similar goes for cock. You shouldn’t judge a dick by the dude. There are over 100 BigCock cams at and I still find myself surprised sometimes. There are guys I come across that don’t look impressive at all. Then I see what they are packing down below, and holy shit my mind is blown.

Tonight I came across a young guy with a lean body who looked like a long hair twink, but also had the personality of an awkward teen girl. He giggled and blushed a lot, being very “bubbly” and playful. I was expecting a cock as little and cute as he was, but ended up being surprised by a lengthy rod that was rock hard and ready to roll. As shy as he seemed, things turned pretty adventurous once he started stroking himself. His balls were pretty sizable as well and they seemed very sensitive to his touch. His screen name is peachiixx if you want to go see for yourself.

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