Posted By Admin on 09/25/19

While I always tell myself to stop looking at Big Dick Porn I also know that it is something that I just cannot do. I find it a real turn on and even though I would like to think my cock is bigger than average I also know looking at these studs that I’m right down there at the lower end of the scales.

I would never let that stop me from getting enjoyment and it just wouldn’t be fair to these guys and their big dicks that give us such a pleasurable experience. I know they need our support and it is why I am always going to be there to give it to them. I will show them all the love that they need and in return, they will be there whenever my dick needs to feel special.

That is how I would like things to do, will that be the case? that is anyone’s guess and right now all that I really care about is finding the next “Big” thing to mess around with!

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