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I’ll never understand men who subscribe to only one porn site and that’s it. To me, that would be like eating at the same restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if it’s you’re favorite restaurant, and even the food is really good, you’re going to want to get out there and add some variation every once in awhile. Even if it means going out and having a shitty cheap burger now and again, it helps you to appreciate the stuff you’re accustomed to.

That’s why I find myself branching out and watching porn tubes even though I do already have a couple of porn subscriptions that I’m happy with. I don’t want memberships to tons of sites, because frankly, who can afford to blow that much money on it. But when I go to, I don’t have to worry because it’s totally free. I am consistently impressed by the quality you get in these hardcore gay sex vids also, it’s amazing considering you don’t have to pay for it. There are even more gay male tubes out there just waiting to be explored by you!

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