Posted By Admin on 02/15/19

I was starting to panic that something really bad had happened to my flatmate. I’d barely seen him leave his room in days and I had been hearing some very strange noises coming from his room. Did he have some call girl in there with him sucking his cock 24/7? all these crazy things were running around in my mind.

I knew there was only one real way of finding out and even though I didn’t want to disturb him I couldn’t stop myself from knocking on his door. It took a few loud taps after a few minutes he finally opened the door. Now, what was I going to say to him? I should have maybe thought about that before knocking on the door.

I figured I would just casually ask him if he has seen my car keys and that’s just what I did. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and I could barely even make out what he was saying. He told me to come in and that’s when I saw just what had been taking his attention for so long. He’d been playing narcs porn game and now it becomes quite clear why he has been so distant of late. This game is totally amazing and I trust you’ll be playing it along with us real soon!

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