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This is for the gay guys who love a little extra spice in their lives, you know, that touch that transcends the excitement into a bracket beyond vanilla.

It’s not something that appeals to me every day and honestly perhaps not even all that often so i would certainly not rate myself as a fetishist but there are times when the mood hits me, when I’m feeling naughty, that I like to dabble with a bit of kink. I find that, at least for me, it keeps me from succumbing to the mundane.

These guys however take it a step further than where I have dared to venture but I find myself recently more and more intrigued by it and as I decided to explore a little more by means of visual entertainment I stumbled across this great site and this cool opportunity.

To fill you in:

You can use this discount to KinkMen to save 51%, which is what I did. It’s more than half off the regular price for a 30-day pass. I see there’s a yearly subscription option as well.

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Cocky boys is definitely a gay site but it is also definitely not a gay site. How to confuse the shit out of everything by slinging literals and urban slang around in the same sentence.

The discount specials we’ve been able to negotiate for you is definitely not gay either in fact they are pretty damn impressive, very much like the site itself.

I recommend you take advantage of this 51% off discount to and save yourself almost 20 bucks on a 30-day pass. You’ll soon discover though, when you realise just how fine the boys are that you should have played it long with a yearly subscription which you can pick up for 58% off, leaving only $14.99 per month in membership subs. So I recommend that even more 😀

I have to say though that these guys make me sick with their perfect bodies. If I just had half of their self-discipline.

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Get 21% off on Dominic Ford with this discount and pay as little as $19.95 to gain full access to one of the most prestigious high quality gay porn sites on the net. Or go the whole hog with a sassy annual membership discounted by 51% and pay a bare-boned $12.42 per month equivalent.

Gay porn in 3D and 4K showcasing the work of 365+ male models in great shape flaunting their salami cocks in at least as many videos. Great search and filtering functionality in a variety of niche categories to get you straight to your not-so-straight favorites with loads of downloadable content to stash in your own collection.

To give you even more bang for your buck, your membership will also give you free access to the series; So You Think You Can Fuck.

Gay action of the finest, come get yours!

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